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Perking Up, Yet?

Lavit and What it Can Do For You

Welcome to the new wave of conscious consumption in your office. Lavit is the still and sparkling cooler that offers 25+ flavors in 100% recyclable EcoCaps™.

We take plastic bottles out of your office fridge and put fun and sustainability back on the table.

Drink Well. Natural 25+ flavors that do more for your body. Including flavored waters, teas, iced coffee & energy drinks.Trust what you’re drinking. Our state-of-the-art cooler is the Swiss standard of self-sanitation with ozonation.

Do Well. Forget plastic! We’re redefining single-serve with our 100% aluminum EcoCaps that are fully recyclable. Give backFor every capsule used, we help underwrite clean drinking water initiatives via

Any drink, still or sparkling.Good for you. Better for the planet

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