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"We were able to accomplish this without any cost, risk or effort on our part.  It’s truly a win-win situation.  I highly recommend the Micro Market concept.  I would be pleased to share our experiences with any of your potential customers."


Ken Everett - Director, Business Services Zachry Nuclear , Inc.

Lathrop Vending Micro Markets and Servic
Lathrop Vending Micro Markets

Micro Markets

 Long gone are the days of dull, office vending machines. Picture walking into your break room and having the freedom to browse through hundreds of delicious, fresh items on open shelves in your very own convenience store. Our Markets utilize groundbreaking technology to offer companies state-of-the-art 24-hour micro-markets, complete with touch screen kiosks to allow employees easy access to purchases without ever leaving their workplace. Our brand emphasis has always been to provide and sustain a healthy lifestyle for employees both in and outside of work. With Micro Markets employees can not only watch what they eat at work but purchase take-home items for continuing the right healthy mindset. Micro Markets wants to work with you to create a sustaining healthy workplace for you and your employees!


Key Benefits To Customers:

  • Wide variety of fresh food options

  • New selections include vegan, gluten free and Kosher

  • School Approved drinks, snacks and meals

  • Ability to look at nutritional content before purchasing items

  • Large product selection with over 300+ items within a market

  • Convenience and ease of a personal market open 24/7

  • Ability to customize product selection

  • Rewards and incentive programs with Micro Markets

  • 24-hour security system and virtually no service calls


Start creating a better work environment for your employees with the Micro Market Advantage! By providing a Micro Market in your workplace, employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive. The following are some key advantages to why our Micro Markets really work for companies nationwide:

  • Healthier, happier employees

  • Large assortment of products including healthy choices

  • Improves employee efficiency

  • No vending machine hassles

  • Reduces employee travel expenses for snacks or lunch

  • Reduces extended breaks of employees

  • Take home products improves work/life balance

  • Improves corporate culture




Healthy  Choices

Micro Markets also promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of nutritious and healthy foods for our customers. Micro Markets also gives employees the ability to look at nutritional content before they make a purchase. This allows them to choose what products are right for them.


Some of our healthy choices include:


  • Fresh crisp salads and fruit

  • Low-calorie, Low-fat main meals. ex: Healthy Choice

  • Nutritious Deli sandwiches and Subs

  • Healthy Soups

  • Breakfast sandwiches, pastries and cereals

  • Healthy snacks

  • Energy Bars

  • Delicious frozen treats

  • Premium beverages, including sparkling mineral water and juices

  • Selection of Vegan, Gluten Free and Kosher Options


In addition to our healthy meals and snacks we offer medicine, sundry items and even take home products like Milk and Bread!


​Equipment and Technology

Micro Markets uses today’s leading technology and equipment when it comes to offering its customers the best product. We provide energy-efficient coolers, attractive fixtures, stylish kiosks, and a full security system. Micro Markets’ technology provides quick and easy transactions for shoppers, while at the same time providing the operator an easy web-based inventory management system. This makes it easy to input new products and update items within a matter of minutes.

What do you need?

  • An employee area away from public traffic to designate as the market location

  • Power supply for coolers, freezers and the kiosk system

  • Internet access


It really is that simple!




The market runs on a highly secure and stable network. It is encrypted through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel. The light bandwidth load ensures minimal network demands. Most of the processing is performed locally with the network used minimally for card authorizations, data synchronization and periodic updates. Micro Markets is PCI Compliant with all national security requirements. Want to see what is possible with your space? Micro Markets are capable of fitting in any size space. With the ability to position around corners, display on separate walls or even in hallways, Micro Markets has a solution to fit your needs.

Interested      in   Micro   Markets?





As you know, we recently moved into a new building.  While this venue is newly refurbished and much more stylish than our old location, this location is built on our new parent company’s model which is open office architecture.  Our engineering staff was not happy with the fact that they were losing traditional offices and were now placed in cubicles.  This has been a source of contention for the year-long renovation effort.  When we heard about the Avanti Market concept we were enthusiastic because it gave us a way to offer a much more full service restaurant experience for our people compared to the traditional vending machines.  Our hope was that this new service would sway employee opinion about the new facility to a more positive view.  This has worked out way beyond our expectations.  Every day employees stop me to say how much they enjoy the new facility and how happy they are that we provided this new food service option for their convenience.  In our first week in the new office every time I passed by the lunch room I noticed employees standing in front of the market just looking at everything that was available.  Employee acceptance has been universally positive.  I was actually quite surprised to see how quickly things like cereal were selling out.  Our people look at the Micro Market as a way to have an enjoyable meal when they need to work late unexpectedly, without having to drive to a restaurant.  We are fortunate to have a number of restaurants in close proximity but that has not dampened our employees’ enthusiasm for the Micro Market selections.  The employees know that the foods, snacks and fresh fruits provided are monitored for consumption and that the selections will be adjusted based on their buying habits and individual requests.


No one has been uncomfortable with the fact that the market is monitored as everyone understands Lathrop’s ability to continue the service is predicated on their ability to maintain inventory control.  This has actually been a non-issue from the first day.  From the company’s perspective, we are very pleased that we can provide a broader selection of food services to improve employee morale at no cost or risk.  The food samples we were provided were distributed to our employees to try and the reaction then and since has been very positive.


I can’t say enough positive things about the effect that the Micro Market has had on our employee morale and general enthusiasm.  They feel that we have gone out of our way to make them happy and they really appreciate the fact that we can provide foods not available in traditional vending machines.  We were able to accomplish this without any cost, risk or effort on our part.  It’s truly a win-win situation.  I highly recommend the Micro Market concept.  I would be pleased to share our experiences with any of your potential customers.


Ken Everett


Director, Business Services

Zachry Nuclear , Inc.


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