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Perking Up, Yet?

Purified Water

Drinking purified water is better for you but also tastes better too. Using it to rinse and clean vegetables and fruits, make lemonade and use while cooking. It makes a difference in the way things taste.

MTN Products is dedicated to serving the water industry by providing the highest quality filtration water cooler systems on the market. They are always working on developing new water cooler technologies to add value and reliability to their products. MTN water cooler systems are designed by their engineering staff in the United States and are manufactured under the supervision of quality control and engineering staff at their factory. MTN offers the best water filtration cooler systems and that is why we at Lathrop Vending Inc. use them for our customers.

Here are the reasons why they are the best;

​No Leak® EZ-Fill® - Our no spill adapter for use with no spill bottle caps. Designed with patented technology to ensure that any pin-hole leaks in bottles will not cause overflow of the reservoir avoiding potentially expensive water damage.

iBoil - Increases the hot water temperature in the hot tank temporarily to “almost” boiling when customers need “hotter” hot water for coffee and tea brewing, soups, noodles etc.

Accu-Temp - Proprietary dispensing system serves drinking water at the proper temperature every time.

Stay-Cool - Keeps the residual water in the cold waterway chilled and ready to serve at all times.

Highly Energy Efficient - MTN coolers with this technology consume less than one kW-h/day in normal operating mode, and even less in Energy Saving mode.

Enhanced Sanitization with “SIP-Inside” - Integrates the SIP sanitation system inside the MTN water cooler and sanitizes

the cold reservoir, waterways and faucets. The entire waterway system can be cleaned and refreshed daily.

All of our coolers meet Energy Star requirements with the technology that we have designed into every one of our coolers.

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