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Perking Up, Yet?

Lathrop Vending Coffee Services

Brewing coffee in the office has it's perks. Having coffee at work is cost effective. Keeps your associates in the work place and happy. Also can help in sales by offering your clients coffee while you talk business!

We have a few different types of coffee services. At LVI we have automatic, pour over models and single serve coffee, tea and hot cocoa too. We also carry a large variety of flavors to brew just the way you like it. What? You need cups, condiments, creamer and sugar? Don’t worry we have everything you need to get you brewing! Equipment rental is FREE with minimum coffee purchase!

K-Cup Single Serve offers an easy way to brew at the office for clients and associates. This is a cleaner way to brew, less mess and takes away worrying about messy coffee grounds. K-Cup gives consistent taste, flavor and freshness with every sip.

Pod Single Serve! Single coffee pods tastes great while making a difference to the help the environment. So after you’ve enjoyed your cup of coffee, the ring, label, filter and brewed coffee grounds will all revert to soil when composted, instead of piling up in landfills. You can also get pods that will make tea, spicy chai and hot chocolate (though not all machines will offer all of these options). Some even come with milk ingredients so that you can use your coffee maker to foam up some milk for an instant cappuccino or latte.

Liquid Coffee Services! A liquid coffee machine is perfect for both noncommercial and commercial accounts that need high-volume coffee production quickly. By using liquid coffee you gain several important advantages. You lower your costs, eliminates waste, longer shelf life, no coffee grounds, no coffee filters, mistake-proof brewing, high volume out-put, easy to clean, coffee brewed on demand, minimal training needed and you have a consistent high- quality flavor and taste too!

For more information call 860-367-9115

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