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Perking Up, Yet?


Better-for-you just got better with our new Choice Plus program designed to support our client’s wellness goals.

​​We are committed to providing our clients and customers with wholesome product options and information to help them make informed food and beverage choices and lead a healthier lifestyle on the go. Choice Plus is nutritionist-designed offering of snack options, which can be incorporated into any vending or refreshment services program. Choice Plus was designed by our team of registered dietitians and culinary experts to include vending machine snacks that meet criteria supported by the latest nutrition and consumer research. Choice Plus can be integrated into any vending machine or program, including Av​enue C, our self-checkout vending micro-market, and en​r.G​, our environmentally responsible vending machines featuring premium, better-for-you products.

Choice Plus Snack Criteria:

*Nuts and seeds are exempt from the total fat limit, but must meet all other nutrient criteria. **Unsweetened dried fruit is exempt from the total sugar limit, but must meet all other nutrient criteria.

Choice Plus vending snack options include granola and/or fruit bars, dried fruit mixes, trail mixes, low-fat and/or baked chips and crackers, and more.

Choice Plus Beverage Options:

Choice Plus offers a variety of “best” and “better” for you beverages.

Choice Plus Best Choice beverages include:

Choice Plus Better Choice beverage options include:

Choice Plus Fresh Food Criteria:

Please look for the Choice Plus logo at your nearest vending machine, Avenue C, or dining location, or contact us to learn more about our products or set up a Choice Plus program in your area.

  • 250 calories or less

  • 10 g* of fat or less

  • 3g of saturated fat or less

  • 0g of trans fat

  • 230 mg of sodium or less

  • 20 g** of sugar or less

  • Unsweetened still and sparkling, flavored and unflavored waters

  • Unsweetened coffee/tea

  • Low fat and nonfat dairy and non-dairy milks

  • Sweetened or unsweetened 150 calories or less per package

  • Fruit juice

  • At least 50% juice with no added sweetener

  • 150 calories or less per package

  • Vegetable juice or fruit and vegetable juice blends

  • 100% juice with no added sweetener

  • 150 calories or less per package

  • 150 mg sodium or less per package

  • Lightly sweetened beverages

  • 80 calories or less per package

  • 150mg sodium or less per package

  • Unsweetened coconut water

  • Zero calorie sweetened beverages (excludes energy drinks and those with more than 150 mg sodium per package)

  • Entrees

  • ≤400 calories

  • ≤20g fat

  • ≤5g sat. fat & natural trans fat combined

  • ≤600mg sodium

  • Sides

  • ≤250 calories

  • ≤5g fat

  • ≤250mg sodium

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