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Lathrop Vending Employee Appreciation Day

Lathrop Vending Employee Appreciation Day AND our 5 year anniversary of becoming a Canteen Franchise! It has been an exciting, and exhausting 5 years and we cannot express how grateful we are for the dedicated employees who were there with us when this started, who are still with us (19 of you) and for those of you who have joined our team since then. There have been many changes. The transition wasn't always smooth..but it was always worth it. THANK YOU for believing in our company, for your commitment, for showing up every day and representing LVI in a professional, positive light. Our appreciation for each and every one of you..(we are 48 strong!!) cannot be expressed enough!! Office management, operations, equipment, maintenance, sales, trainers, drivers, cash room, market room, ALL make a difference every day...and WE THANK YOU. Each year we are grateful to still be doing what we love. Our team is what makes the wheel turn everyday. Through hard work and team work we going. Thank you to our employees for all you do each and everyday.

See all the pictures on our Facebook Page copy and paste the link below.

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