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Brew and Renew - Compostable Single-Serve Pods

Make a Coffee. Make a Difference. The World’s First Certified 100% Compostable Single-Serve Pod! Every delicious cup of Chock full o’ Nuts® coffee you brew using our single coffee pods makes a difference to the environment. That’s because Chock full o’ Nuts® single-serve pods are made of innovative materials that are certified to completely break down in commercial composting facilities. So after you’ve enjoyed your cup of Chock full o’ Nuts® coffee, the ring, label, filter and brewed coffee grounds will all revert to soil when composted, instead of piling up in landfills. Chock compostable pod Lid 1 – 100% compostable bio-materials Ring 2 – Made with bio-material and reclaimed coffee chaff, the skin of the coffee bean that comes off during the roasting process Coffee 3 – Organic material rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium Filter 4 – 100% compostable mesh

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