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Are you ready to be happy?

Lathrop Vending Snack & Micro Market Services Tired of running around? Just need a snack. Don’t have enough time to eat lunch or getting back late? Vending machines, Nano Markets and Micro Markets will help you and your associates stay hydrated and fueled up. Happier people work harder, better quality of care of the work they put out and are more productive throughout the day. Micro Markets promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of nutritious and healthy foods for you and your team. Start creating a better work environment for your employees with the Micro Market Advantage! Are you ready to be happy?

Do you want to save time and money?

Lathrop Vending Coffee Services Pour Over Pot, Single Serve or Liquid Coffee? We have you covered for 5 people to thousands wanting a fresh brewed delicious cup of coffee. Office coffee saves time, money and makes everyone happy. We have so many different flavors that will dazzle your taste buds! Not just coffee, but also tea and hot cocoa too! Equipment rental is FREE with minimum coffee purchase! We also have our VKI Bean to Cup machine! This offers espresso, latte, and other specialty coffee drinks. You can choose between the different brands we carry, use a local Craftsman Cliff Roaster out of Norwich or let us know what you are looking for and we will find it. Are you ready to save time

Thirsty for more?

Lathrop Vending Water Services Bottled or Purified Water? You do not have to choose. We have more than one water service to fit your needs. Bottled, Purified and Lavit. Bottled water is perfect for greeting your clients, supporting your associates and being on the go. Purified water is great for the office and breakroom. Provides great clean cold drinking water and clean water for clear ice. Can also serve hot water for coffee, tea, hot cocoa or even to make oatmeal. We also have the cooler water cooler “The Lavit”. Which provides still & sparkling water that has been filtered & chilled. Lavit has over 25 other flavored beverage options. Equipment rental is FREE with minimum Lavit capsule pu

Tired of Running Out of Time?

Are you spend time ordering, counting, picking up things and then do inventory on them. Do you have a water company, a drink company, a coffee company and you are doing everything yourself... Wouldn't it be nice to use that time to relax, get more work done or finish early and go home? Yes, we thought that would make you smile and dream of a simpler way of life.We can take care of your water, vending and coffee services! One company, one delivery and a happier you! Let us make your life and job easier, filling and refreshing. Call us today! 860-367-9115.

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